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Obviously NO and the moral qualification of the series for a Catholic would be NOT SUITABLE, but this almost nobody says it and denounces it firmly. Some priest preaches to the parents about the danger of the series in general, but without descending to the concrete. YOU CAN NOT SEE GAMES THRONES for their immoral content with explicit sex scenes. Today ends Game of Thrones, a news of global relevance, it is a series that passionately, sometimes irrationally, millions of people around the world.

It is a large-scale social phenomenon comparable to other major phenomena such as Harry Potter or Twilight to name a few that come to mind that have absolutely hypnotized children and teenagers around the world and even adults who love In fact, the content of Game of Thrones is openly for adults with blatant scenes of sex and violence, although they want to sell them like a fashion series, with a youthful and innocent aspect they are loaded with doctrine, marking behaviors and stereotypes that They contribute to degrade youth.

The young person and the adolescent want to imitate what he sees in the small one and in the big screen. With those images and so strong impacts they are contributing to hipersexualizar the youth, already of by itself more and more hedonistic. Not only the danger to young people is pornography, which is the most degrading, that unleashes all social alarms but this type of series apparently not so openly pernicious, but that are an apology of free sex and totally deified. put the voice of alert and warn all parents and with much more reason if Catholics are very careful about the content of the series that their children see, especially GAME OF THRONES.

Today, the holy purity is something that seems to nobody care and nobody respects, everyone is carried away by passion, by fashion … giving free rein to the world, the devil and the meat. Of course that the argument is very interesting and is very well done, as it has to be a project that generates so much money around the world, but that attractive packaging does not prevent us from being aware of the poison that gets into the minds of children and young people , that every time they sully their innocence.